Other Services

Other Services

Flea Control
Fleas find their way into your home via raccoons, possums, and even family pets. When fleas invade your home, our techs spring into action and take three important steps: identify the source, treat the infested sites, and treat the perimeter of your home to avoid repeat infestation. 

Animal Control
Possums, squirrels, bats, and other small animals can find their way into your attics and basements where they can wreak havoc on your family’s health and sanity and cause major damage to your home. Our techs help get rid of these animals so your family can enjoy every area of your home.

Bird Control
You might be surprised at how quickly pigeons, hawks, and starlings can move from a tree outside your property into your attic or eaves. Once they roost there, they set up home – until our techs get there. We clear your home of birds, their droppings, nests, and the germs and pathogens they can leave behind. 

New Construction
If you’re building a new home, it makes good financial sense to pretreat your new construction for pests, rodents, and other home invaders. Ask us how pretreatment can help create a barrier that keeps pests outside and keeps your family safe and protected.

Customer Education
At Pest Off Exterminators, we believe in customer education. Our tech won’t leave your home without making you aware of the type of pest you’re fighting and simple, preventive steps you can take to ensure your family’s home remains safe and pest-free.

Homeowner Resources
On top of free inspections and accurate estimates, we provide unlimited resources and knowledge databases through our customer-focused blog. It’s packed with tips and strategies for making your home the pest-free sanctuary your entire family needs and deserves.

Commercial Pest Control
We help you get rid of pests and rodents in retail stores, office buildings, hospitals and clinics, movie theaters, schools and community centers, and warehouses and plants. We only hire the best pest control techs in the business to make sure your business gets the best service around.

We Guarantee The Best Pest Control Service In And Around Rogers County

Affordable Pricing

A pest-free home might be absolutely priceless, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost a small fortune. Our rates are competitive, affordable, and tailored to your home’s needs and your family’s budget.

Fast Service

Take control immediately. Don’t live with pests in your home for even one more day. When you’re ready to take your home back, you don’t have to wait. Call us today for the fastest, most effective service in town.

Hassle Free Service

Our tech won’t get in your way. In fact, they specialize in inspecting your home without inconveniencing anyone but the pests. Trust us – they’ll never even see us coming.

Home Inspection

A Pest Off Exterminators home inspection is anything but routine. We inspect every inch of your home from the front door to the back door because pests might hide from you, but they cannot hide from us.

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