Have the eyelashes you’ve always wanted with silk or real mink individual eye lash extensions from our spa.  We are Certified Specialists in this technique.

Clients enjoy eyelash extensions for many reasons:

  • They have a natural look and feel
  • The procedure is relaxing, most clients fall asleep
  • They are easy to maintain.  They are semi-permanent and water-resistant
  • There is no need to apply mascara or other products to your eyelashes everyday
  • They provide quick gratification; a full set takes approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours to apply
  • Touch-ups take 30 minutes to an hour to apply


Eyelashes come in many different styles, and our stylists are here to help you choose the best fit for you.  Classic sets are individually attached to your single lashes to achieve a natural look as if you’ve applied mascara flawlessly.  Volume sets can range from 3-7 fanned out lashes attached to each individual natural lash for a fuller more glamorous appearance. Length sizes and styles can be personalized according to the look that wants to be achieved.



Classic Full


Classic Half


Volume Full


Volume Half


Volume Light


Bottom Full



In Fills:

  • 2 weeks:$50+
  • 3 weeks:$60+
  • 4 weeks:$85+

New sets are required after 4 weeks or less than 30% left.  *New lash clients, to ensure you have the best experience please call to schedule your first appointment.  *Clients from other salons welcome, but a consultation is required and an uncharged may be applied.